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General Description

'Goshiki' is the term applied to a koi that has a white base color with black-and-blue reticulation, overlaid by Kohaku-like red patterns.  Reticulation refers to scales that form a net-like appearance.

The word 'goshiki' translates to 'five colors.'  The original goshiki was developed from the sanke and asagi.  Thus, the 'five colors' of the goshiki are the red, black, and white of the sanke and the gray and blue of the asagi. 

Appreciation Criteria


The shiro (white) base color of the body must be unblemished, thick, snowy, and even milky underneath the black-and-blue reticulation of the scales.

The hi (red) markings on the white body must be solid, deep, and evenly-colored throughout the entire body. The edges of these markings (also known as the 'kiwa') must be very defined, or as they say, 'sharp as a razor.' The hi color may vary from koi to koi, but it should be of uniform hue within an individual koi.  The red markings must not be blemished by any black spots.


The red markings on the body must be artistically balanced.  This means that they must not be confined to one side or one end of the koi only. 

The reticulation effect on the white base color of the goshiki must exhibit a perfect netting effect that is visibly sharp and nicely distributed.  Goshiki koi with perfect reticulation on snow-white body are very desirable.

A clean and unblemished head is also a sought-after trait of a goshiki.




Figure 1. Examples of Goshiki

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