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General Description

'Hikari Moyo' is the term applied to a metallic koi with more than one color, with the exception of metallic showa and metallic utsuri (both of which are classified as Hikari Utsuri). The term 'hikari' translates to 'metallic.'  The hikari moyo koi class includes the Platinum Kohaku, the Kikusui (platinum Kohaku with wavy red lines on both sides), the Yamabuki Hariwake (platinum koi overlaid by light yellow markings), the Orenji Hariwake (platinum koi overlaid by orange markings), the Gin Bekko (metallic Bekko), and the Yamato Nishiki (metallic sanke).

Appreciation Criteria


The color of a hikari moyo koi must be unblemished, uniform, dense, and shiny. Luster of the skin is an important consideration for this koi type.


The pattern criteria for the non-metallic equivalent of a hikari moyo are applicable to this koi type.  In addition, luster of the skin and fins (especially the pectoral fins) is important.




Hikari Moyo:  Kikusui (left) and Orenji Hariwake (right)

Photos' source: www.keirinponds.com


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