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Koi Photos


Assorted Koi

Photos # 2

Assorted Koi

Photos # 3

Assorted Koi

Photos # 4

Assorted Koi

Photos # 5


Koi Enjoys Wading in Shallow Waters

Ginrin Asagi and Ginrin Tancho

Cat Kissing Koi

'Lips to Lips'

Assorted Koi

Photos # 1


Butterfly Koi

Great Koi in an Awesome Pond

Koi in Aquariums # 2

Tosai Koi


Koi with 2 Hearts in the Head

Butterfly Shusui

Koi Under Water Lilies

French Bulldog Looking at a Koi


Koi in Aquariums

2007 BKKS National Champion

Chagoi Midnight Snack

Feeding Frenzy in Nagoya


Marusho Showas

2007 ZNA All-Japan Grand Champ

Koi Close-up Shots

2007 All-Japan Show Grand Champion


Koi at Night # 1

Koi at Night # 2

XiGEGA's Young Koi - 2005

Feeding Frenzy # 1




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