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General Description

'Kujaku' is the term applied to a metallic koi with full reticulation or 'netting' effect on its back. The term 'kujaku' translates to 'peacock.'  According to www.koi.com, It was developed by Mr. Nishi Hirasawa of Hiranishi Fish Farms in the early 1960's by crossing the Goshiki with the Hikarimuji. 

The Kujaku has a metallic white base color overlaid by metallic red, orange, or yellow markings, creating a striking effect.  Note that in a Kujaku, both the base color and the markings are reticulated. Reticulation refers to scales that form a net-like appearance.  Thus, a kujaku exhibits this net pattern all over its body, unlike Koromo (which has reticulation only on its markings) or Goshiki (which has reticulation only in its base color).

Appreciation Criteria


The most important aspect of appreciating a Kujaku is the sheen and luster of its metallic skin.  The skin must be shiny, allowing the koi to stand out on the surface of the water. The overlay pattern of the Kujaku is referred to as its Beni, which means 'red.'  However, this overlay pattern or 'beni' doesn't have to be 'red' in a kujaku - it may also be of color gold, yellow, or orange.  The beni of a Kujaku must be sharp, deep, and of uniform intensity, but must let the net pattern show through clearly from underneath.


Figure 1. Examples of Kujaku

Photos' source: www.keirinponds.com


The reticulation on the back of a Kujaku koi must exhibit a perfect 'net' effect.  The net pattern must be visibly sharp and evenly aligned, with minimal  interruptions or blurry areas. 

The overlay pattern of the Kujaku must be artistically balanced. This means that they must not be confined to one side or one end of the koi only.  The edges of the markings must be sharp.  The head of a Kujaku must not look crowded, and is in fact preferred to be clean and unblemished. The fins of a Kujaku must likewise be clean.


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