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Featured Koi Ponds


Assorted Natural-Looking Ponds # 2

A Rectangular Pond with a Roof




Natural Stone

Koi Pond

A Rock-Walled Koi Pond

A Pond with a Wooden Bridge

Assorted Natural-Looking Ponds


Raised Pond with Relaxation Bench

A Gigantic 150-Ton Koi Pond

Dan's 1,500-gallon Pond

Rock-Edged Pond with a Cascade


A Beautiful Koi Pond by King Koi Ponds

A Natural-Looking Koi Pond

Artistically Designed

Koi Pond

A Brick-Walled

Koi Pond


Twin Ponds

Space-saving Pond on a Wooden Deck

A Rectangular Pond with a Pink Fence

A Pond with a Corner Water Spout


 Covered Koi Pond with Zen Atmosphere

 Long Pond with a Slate Patio

 Indoor Formal Pond with Potted Plants

 A Wooden Koi Pond


 32-Ton Pond with Beautiful Landscape

 80-Ton Pond in Petaling Jaya

 Natural-Looking Backyard Koi Pond

 Rexer's Pastel-Colored Formal  Pond


 Above-Ground Koi Pond with a Waterfall

 A Koi Pond with Colorful Plants

 Pond Hidden by Water Hyacinths

 A Pond Surrounded by Plastic Netting


 Formal Koi Pond in a Garden Corner

 Formal Koi Pond with an Informal Waterfall

 A Pond in Parkside, San Francisco

 Koi Pond with a stone bench


Pond Inside a Greenhouse

 A Pond in Arizona

 Nicely-Landscaped Pond with Spout

Pond using a big, flat rock for its waterfall


 A Pond with a Little Red Bridge

Philadelphia Flower Show Koi Pond

 Formal Pond with a Glass Window

 A Beautiful Pond in UK


XiGEGA's Koi Pond in its original size - 2006

XiGEGA's Koi Pond made smaller -2008

 A Pond with a Big Chagoi

A Pond with a Glass Window





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