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Koi Reproduction Information   


Useful Information About Koi Breeding



Preferable Age for Breeding

2-4 years old

Initial Weight of Spawners

 must be > 1 kg.

Number of eggs per kg. of weight

 typically 100,000

Spawning Methods

Pond or Hatchery

Egg Size (before hydration)

1-1.5 mm

Egg Size (after activation)

1.5-2.5 mm

Duration of Incubation

2 - 4.5 days, depending on temperature

Duration of Yolk Sac Absorption

2 - 3 days after hatching

Age at which fry starts swimming

about 7 days after hatching

Size of fry when it starts swimming

about 9-11 mm

Size of Initial Prey (e.g., Artemia)

100-250 micrometers

Number of Artemia eaten per day

100-300 per fry (4-8 days old)

Size of fry at 3-4 weeks of age

typically 1 g, but this depends on the pond stocking density



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