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Test Your Koi I.Q. - Koi Care Test # 1


1.  Which of the following can kill all the koi in a pond overnight?

a.  lack of food

b.  lack of oxygen

c.  lack of light

d.  none of the above


2.  When all the koi are at the pond surface on a warm night, then probably:

a.  they need oxygen.

b.  they need cooling.

c.  they need food.

d.  they need light.


3.  Which of the following has the greatest positive impact on pond water quality?

a.  floating pellets

b.  proper filtration

c.  uv light

d.  weekly water change


4.  Which of the following water quality descriptions is deadliest to koi?

a.  chlorine-free

b.  high ammonia

c.  low nitrites

d.  high nitrates


5.  Which of the following is the least lethal to koi?

a.  chlorine

b.  nitrites

c.  nitrates

d.  ammonia


6.  Which of the following is referred to by the term 'New Pond Syndrome'?

a.  high nitrites

b.  low oxygen

c.  high nitrates

d.  high ammonia


7.  Which of the following can not be added to the pellet diet of koi occasionally?

a.  shrimp

b.  fruits

c.  fish

d.  none of the above


8.  The diet of a fully-grown koi must have a minimum of how much crude protein?

a.  28%

b.  35%

c.  40%

d.  45%


9.  What's the most reliable way to judge pond water quality?

a.  ammonia/nitrite testing

b.  water clarity inspection

c.  ph/hardness testing

d.  specific gravity testing


10. Which of the following is not a good practice for koi feeding?

a.  removal of  excess food

b.  use of sinking pellets

c.  adding of natural foods

d.  none of the above

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