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Test Your Koi I.Q. - Pond Building Test # 1


1.  According to most koi experts, how deep must a koi pond be?

a.  at least 2 feet deep

b.  at most 2 feet deep

c.  at least 4 feet deep

d.  at most 4 feet deep


2.  Which of the following is most important in a koi pond?

a.  pond shape

b.  filtration system

c.  plants

d.  lighting


3.  What is the primary function of the first stage of a pond filter?

a.  trap large debris

b.  kill algae

c.  remove small particles

d.  kill parasites


4.  Which of the following is a trickle filter for?

a.  biological filtration

b.  physical filtration

c.  chemical filtration

d.  none of the above


5.  What is placed at the pond bottom as an important part of the filtration system?

a.  gravel

b.  aerator

c.  sand

d.  center drain


6.  Which of the following is a consideration when choosing a pond's location?

a.  accessibility

b.  light and shading

c.  availability of utilities

d.  all of the above


7.  Which of the following can not be used as construction material for a pond?

a.  concrete

b.  fiberglass

c.  butyl rubber liner

d.  none of the above


8.  Which of the following is a good guideline when building a pond?

a.  build the largest pond that you can afford

b.  build the best-looking pond that you can afford

c.  build a pond that you can afford to fully stock at once


9.  Small ponds should have what kind of walls?

a.  sloping

b.  vertical

c.  shelved

d.  rough

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