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General Description

'Asagi' is the term applied to a fully reticulated koi that exhibits a blue color above its lateral line, and accented by red markings on its underside.  Reticulation refers to scales that form a net-like appearance. Thus, an asagi exhibits a bluish net pattern all over the top portion of its body. This reticulation is created by the asagi's blue scales which are surrounded by white edges.

Appreciation Criteria


The Asagi's body must be blue in color above the lateral line.  The blue color must be of even shade and hue within a single koi, although it may vary from one koi to another.  Depending on the bloodline of the koi, the blue color may be dark (almost blue-gray) or light (very light blue) in appearance.  Many hobbyists prefer the lighter shade of blue.   

Aside from the blue color of the asagi above its lateral line, it must have red coloration on the underside of the its body, just below the lateral line.  This red color may also appear on all fins, the gill covers, and mouth. 




Figure 1. Examples of Asagi

Photos' source: www.keirinponds.com


The most important aspect of judging asagi koi is the quality of the reticulation over its blue body.  The reticulation effect comes from the lighter color of the edge of each blue scale.  If the scales are lined up in straight rows, they exhibit a perfect netting effect that looks very beautiful.  Asagi koi with perfect reticulation are therefore desirable, while those with uneven or interrupted reticulation are held in much lower esteem.

The red colorations of an asagi must provide a balanced accent to the total package of the koi.  A clean and unblemished head is also a sought-after trait of an asagi.


Please see separate article on The Ideal Koi Body.



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